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The Next Right Thing

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As people who follow me at Notes already know, it has been a stressful and uncertain time for my husband and I these past several months. His fledgling freelance graphic design business went through a slow period, and our ship began taking on water. We have been listing badly. “It’s expensive to not have enough […]

The Way

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A few months after my middle child was born, I was roped into participating in The Artist’s Way, a 12-step creativity recovery program developed by Julia Cameron. The book had been calling my name ever since I’d picked it off out of my mother’s bookshelf on a visit home, a year or two before. I’d […]

Be good to me.

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While Southern California raged last month, Arkansas sulked & wept. Day after day was rainy and glum, until I just wanted to give the weather a good hard slap, tell it to buck up, get a grip for godsake. It was the kind of autumn weather I grew up with, in Newfoundland: sullen, heavy and […]

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