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Great Gift Idea

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These little Books that “Make a difference” are available from this site. ((Editor’s note: post originally was a draft from 2008. doing some housekeeping up in here))

A Sanctuary From The Storm

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I cannot be all the things everyone wants me to be and I am learning to be ok with that. No one can control my thoughts. Though they may pontificate and judge my actions, but my thoughts are my own. I am raw and tender and sick to death of everyone expecting more from me […]

Youthful Hubris, Where Art Thou?

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I can’t make all the difference I want to in my job. At least, I can’t always do it with a positive viewpoint. There is enough reality in my life to know that I can’t affect all the change I want to because it is, simply put, impossible. From getting students to see their best […]

Driving crazy

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I have met with a weekly spiritual study group on and off for a decade. We study “A Course in Miracles,” but I have come to believe that the benefit for the group members is not so much the topic we study as it is in the time we spend together. I think that just […]

The magic view

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My old housemate Dana was a flight attendant on those little puddle-jumper airplanes. Her typical day would be something like: San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles International. Los Angeles International to Bakersfield. Bakersfield to San Diego. Little hops with cranky people who were anxious about making their connection in time. We often talked about how […]

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

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Post pictures of a lake sunset. Hope that you can be wrapped up in God’s arms as He paints a picture for you in the sky. Be encouraged that such colors are even possible and found in nature. And then? Well, just share them with a friend and have a nice day.

Wisdom, Knowledge, Safety

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Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.-Alfred, Lord Tennyson In keeping with the theme of making a difference I’m trying hard to live an authentic life that puts my mental health first and foremost, but that keeps coming with other prices that I didn’t expect to incur. That means making lists on sticky notes and posting them […]

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