We’ve had a wonderful assortment of writers on this site. You can see some of them below. We are always looking for dedicated writers with a serious interest to become a member of our family. If you’d like to be considered, send an email to Leah.


Leah from Leahpeah is the founder of FBA. She is a published author and has work in books, magazines, online and video. Leah does a variety of other things like coaching, speaking and publishing and is generally up to something at all times. For example now. Yes, right now.

Leah is made from 100% recycled materials.


Angela from Fluid Pudding finger paints, wipes up milk, and cooks chicken nuggets in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to doing the mom/wife thing, she spent eight years working in the ultra-glamorous world of publishing, where she developed books in the fields of dentistry, veterinary medicine, middle school education, and gardening.

She once touched Salman Rushdie. (And so did Padma Lakshmi!)

She is currently knitting another pair of socks.

She’ll be sitting over there in the corner eating Swedish Fish while you see if you have anything in common with her.

And then she’ll be thrilled to join you for a haircut or dinner or something.


Suebob is a wanderer, worshipper and lover of learning. She lives in southern California where her main job is to remind people of who they are: dearly beloved children of the universe, at play in the field of the senses. She blogs at Red Stapler, Linkateria, and Snackish.


Jessica enjoys dark chocolate, sleeping as much as is physically possible, web design, and filling out forms.

She greatly dislikes green beans, all kinds of housework, and touching raw meat.

Jessica writes about her life on the internet. And isn’t really sure why.


Kelly from Mocha Momma was birthed in a coffeeshop in the chilly upper reaches of Chicagoland, but now resides in her head most of the time and only comes out to view the yellow brick road on occasion. She is only slightly Pollyannaish. Other times, she is a cynical, mouthy woman who ends up gobsmacking those in the immediate vicinity.

She is currently living happily ever after, but, if you could, please back up and don’t stand on her aura.

She blogs about family, education, race, and the everyday mundane at mochamomma.com.


Kyran Pittman is a poet and essayist from Newfoundland. She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her American husband and three sons, and can say “y’all” fluently.

Her essays have been published in Good Housekeeping magazine, the Toronto Globe and Mail, and elsewhere, online and off. She has read and published her poetry all over. She also teaches and gives talks about dreamwork as a spiritual practice.

She blogs about culture, soul and family life at Notes to Self.


Howdy! My name is Heather (a.k.a. OMSH). I have an active house with three kids, a husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats, one hamster … and one snake named Ringo. I’m busy and I love it – ’round these here parts we call that job security.

I’ve been creating this, that, and the other online since 2000 – and yes, I’m addicted to the internet and how it can both expand and reduce our lives all at the same time.

I am a blog and web designer who dabbles in snapshot photography, blog customizations and web standards, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate, all things eclectic, simplicity and function, self-organization, reading, and last, but not least – cuz it touches me to my core, country and western music. I am an enigma.

Oh, and ask my husband my favorite date involves the 3Ms (mexican food, margaritas and movies).

Mrs. G.

Mrs. G. lives in the Northwest with her husband and two children, ages 13 and 17. While she teaches part-time, her kids have been homeschooled since the beginning.

She loves public radio and was a regular commentator for two years on public radio station WUNC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She has produced two radio documentaries for NPR’s Soundprint program.

Mrs. G. turned forty-one this year and, with her kids getting older, she finally has some time to do a little writing of her own. Mrs. G. blogs at Derfwad Manor.