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Freckles and splotches and spots, oh my!

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So, I’m coming up on 36 here pretty soon. In the blogosphere that makes me one of the older more senior bloggers. I also am on Day 12 of coming off Effexor. From what I gather, this makes me normaler than someone…say, with an addiction to peanut M&M’s. And now, having glanced at my chest […]

Polite Conversations In Department Stores

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It is a truth easily identifiable that Education is a difficult place to be. Especially now with political correctness, impossible NCLB standards, and children who learn so differently that it’s easy to blame technology for all those ills. Let me be plain before I explain further in my story: they learn differently, but we are […]

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

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Post pictures of a lake sunset. Hope that you can be wrapped up in God’s arms as He paints a picture for you in the sky. Be encouraged that such colors are even possible and found in nature. And then? Well, just share them with a friend and have a nice day.

Shaking it off

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In a 12-step program I practice, we tell newcomers if they stick around a while, they’ll eventually hear their own story. Some seriously doubt it. They are the ones who think they can’t be helped as others have, because, you see, they aren’t like others. We call that being terminally unique, and I suffered from it when I was a newcomer. The main symptoms are martyrdom, […]


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Everyone needs a haven – a place of refuge in times of trouble, emotional or physical difficulty. I learned early on what my source of refuge was…whose wing to find shelter beneath. As a child I had a very active imagination. My parents learned early on to protect me from things that negatively stimulated my […]

Growth Tools

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I grew up the daughter of an office supplies salesman. I think it is quite possibly the best position, as far as being a daughter is concerned. My Daddy would bring home boxes upon boxes of map pencils, post-its, binders, markers, highlighters, scissors, staplers, paperclips, pens and anything else you can imagine filling a desk […]

27 Words

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We’ve all seen it so many times that it seems trite, a cliché. It is a mantra in recovery groups. But it is bigger than that. Stop, look, listen: God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the […]

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