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What are we running after?

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It seems that the majority of people seem to be on one of two tracks. And forgive me if this seems like a gross generalization, perhaps I should say, it seems the majority of people I talk with seem to be on one of two tracks. There, yes, that is much better. First, there are […]

I protest too much

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One of my hobbies is protesting. My involvement started when I lived in a small town that was a lively vortex of political activity. It had begun when residents banded together with tens of thousands of people to protest the construction of a nuclear power plant in the area. When the plant was built, the people’s energy and […]

I want to remember.

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We grow them inside us, know their twists and twirls, feel their hiccups, endure their kicks and push against their deep stretches into our ribs as the womb wraps them tighter and tighter. Then labor arrives and our body muscles them out of us, one contraction at a time, until they are placed in our […]

I am not the woman he married.

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Yesterday I was IM’ing with a friend on the topic of marital satisfaction – specifically, the much needed balance where both partners have their needs met. This particular blogger happens to be the “giver” in the marriage, whereas the spouse is the primary taker. Needless to say, my friend is tired; in love, but tired […]

Do try this at home

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Flawed: sloppily & impulsively throw a sit down fiesta for eight women together via email have a budget of ten dollars don’t leave yourself enough time to clean, decorate or cook use dollar store shelf liners for table covering make mexican paper flowers that more closely resemble cabbages use whatever happens to be clean instead […]

The opposite of death

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You might be familiar with the story of the soccer players who survived a plane in the Andes from the movie “Alive.” The most sensationalistic part of their story is that some of them resorted to cannabalism to stay alive for two months in the snowy mountains.  I read an article about Nando Parrado, one of the […]


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 My two older boys have been drafting their letters to Santa this weekend. They are six and eight, and their wishlists this year are overwhelmingly weighted toward technology: handheld games, console games, a new computer, new computer games, music players and robots. Nearly everything they’ve set their sights on has a triple digit price tag. […]

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