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It’s Been Fun

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Thanks so much for your support of our Flawed But Authentic blog. We hope you have a wonderful 2009 and beyond. Warm regards, FBA Team

Things My Children Have Never Let Me Forget Part I

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There was time Mrs. G. was reading when she heard a loud THUMP. Her son was napping on his top bunk bed, so she immediately suspected that something was not right. The ensuing screaming of oww my head! oww my head! confirmed her initial suspicion. Mrs. G. is so afraid of blood that she freezes […]

Hallmark lies

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“You are special” “You’re a special mom” “On your special day” the cards say. We all want to be special. I find my peace in learning that I am not special. I am pretty much the same as everyone else. We all want the same things underneath it all: to be free from fear and […]

A good story

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I think I have mentioned StoryCorps┬áhere before – a mobile recording studio that goes around the United States, collecting true stories for archival in the Library of Congress. Every Friday on the way to work, I hear the StoryCorps music at the end of the local NPR station’s broadcast of “Morning Edition.” I pull into […]

A Little Bit More

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Mrs. G. and her daughter were out shoe shopping running important errands months back. Mrs. G’s daughter was driving (she was due to get her license in a couple of weeks), and Mrs. G. was drilling her on all the safety tips she should know before she backed out of the driveway and headed off […]

Practice: Seeing

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Routine can lull our minds to sleep. Just for fun, at the beginning of the day, pick a color. Any color. Throughout the day, look for that color around you. This little practice can wake up your brain and show you things you have never noticed before.

Contrary to Popular Belief, Rarely Giggles

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A few days back, KarenTH sent an e-mail to share an article she had read on (You should go read the article. And if you have twelve minutes, you can listen to the Talk of the Nation Broadcast at the same link.) In a nutshell, an online magazine asked readers to summarize their lives […]

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