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Surrounded by beauty

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One of my spiritual practices used to be to walk while singing a Navajo song: Now I walk in beauty Beauty is before me Beauty is behind me Beauty is above me Beauty is below me Beauty all around me Now I walk in beauty It helped me to slow down and see, really see. […]

Are you highly spiritual?

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There is a fun little year-end list over at Huffington Post called “The Seven Habits of Highly Spiritual People.” Hint: It’s not about what religion you are. Makes sense to me: #5 They Count Blessings in Small Wonders. They do not expect Spirit to appear accompanied by fire and brimstone and a big neon sign […]

The opposite of death

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You might be familiar with the story of the soccer players who survived a plane in the Andes from the movie “Alive.” The most sensationalistic part of their story is that some of them resorted to cannabalism to stay alive for two months in the snowy mountains.  I read an article about Nando Parrado, one of the […]

Counting Down the Days

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In my yearly search for electronic advent calendars, I’ve discovered a pretty amazing project. Electric December features 24 short films made by young people (ages 14-21) in the United Kingdom. The films are not necessarily holiday related, but they are pretty amazing. (I’ve only seen the first four, because I like to play by the […]

Flawed is my middle name

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  A few weeks ago I promised to write a post every Thursday. I made it two weeks before I screwed up. I think that is mighty Flawed of me, but I won’t beat myself up about it too badly. Back before the Internet, before blogging, before PostSecret, there was The Sun Magazine’s “Readers Write” […]

Where do you get inspiration? Links!

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Teen writers share where they find inspiration. Songwriters share where they find inspiration. I find Anne Lamott to be very inspiring.  I love this “I am a Loser” speech given by the winner of the 1997 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. Finally, Sarah Vowell is a super hero. 


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Every week on Friday, NPR has Storycorps on, and every week it makes me cry. Storycorps is a project where a traveling recording booth goes around the country and people get a chance to interview their loved ones. The best stories are picked to be on the radio, and they are such touching and lovely […]

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