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Contrary to Popular Belief, Rarely Giggles

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A few days back, KarenTH sent an e-mail to share an article she had read on (You should go read the article. And if you have twelve minutes, you can listen to the Talk of the Nation Broadcast at the same link.) In a nutshell, an online magazine asked readers to summarize their lives […]

The opposite of death

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You might be familiar with the story of the soccer players who survived a plane in the Andes from the movie “Alive.” The most sensationalistic part of their story is that some of them resorted to cannabalism to stay alive for two months in the snowy mountains.  I read an article about Nando Parrado, one of the […]

The Art Spirit

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I rearrange my bookshelf two or three times each year. The books were originally alphabetized by author name. Then I switched to a genre type of classification. Then I got all fruity and took half of the books off of the shelf and replaced them with baskets of decorative crap and framed pictures. Regardless of […]

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