What are we running after?

It seems that the majority of people seem to be on one of two tracks. And forgive me if this seems like a gross generalization, perhaps I should say, it seems the majority of people I talk with seem to be on one of two tracks. There, yes, that is much better.

First, there are those, like me, running around like a chicken with their head cut off. I never much cared for that term, but having SEEN a chicken with its head chopped off, I know it isn’t much different than what I do. Running here and there and WHAM – right into a wall. Trying again and BAM, right into another one. The walls can be sickness, emotional upheavals, or even just complete exhaustion, but they are walls just the same and boy do they smart when I hit them.

The second tract is slower, more balanced, and simpler. There are several writers in blogdom and beyond who are promoting the freedom of a simpler life. I agree wholeheartedly with a good deal of what they are all about.

When we purchased the home we are in now we intended to down-size our life. The military was our first clue that we needed to down-size…we had to pay additional monies because all our STUFF exceeded our weight limit; THAT was a heavy price for clutter. Now that we are out of the military, we continue to down-size.

We selected a smaller home (1230 sq. ft.), we decided to reduce clutter (no more knick knack paddy whacks), gave away furniture to family and friends who needed it, gave “space” to our home, and it really has worked to simplify our daily routines and open up our home to LIVE in more freely.

Applying that concept to the inner workings of my mind and my daily schedule is another thing altogether.

I clutter my mind with multiple projects, balancing schedules precariously, and working ’til I drop. Now, mind you, I’m a bit of a work-a-holic by nature, but I don’t believe that is any excuse for continuing in what is truly a detrimental mode of functioning. What is that mode? Stuff as much as I can into a single day and berate myself when the checklist isn’t complete at 2:00 a.m. – the hour I often drop like a rock into a deep pool of sleep.

What? You don’t work that way?

This year I purposed to give outstanding customer service to those who trust me with their website designs and/or sites. I felt that if they invested in my services, that I wanted them to walk away with a sense of fulfillment in that investment.

I want to do that with my daily life as well. I need to purpose to give the same level of attention to my personal needs, my family and extended family’s needs, and my community and church’s needs. It is important; it makes for a balanced life.

If I sat and wrote down what I’ve been racing after in my work, I’d have to say knowledge, fulfillment, and satisfaction in completion. I like to start, work through challenges, and complete things – it is why I love what I do.

Still, why am I running?

Why not walk?

Where is the pause that allows me to think, dwell, and simply BE at a slower pace?

Why don’t I lay down to rest instead of resting where I fall?

It is February and March will be here in a breath. New Year Resolutions have long been made and some have long been dismissed, but this year I truly do want to learn to walk again.

Are you walking or running?