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Counting Down the Days

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In my yearly search for electronic advent calendars, I’ve discovered a pretty amazing project. Electric December features 24 short films made by young people (ages 14-21) in the United Kingdom. The films are not necessarily holiday related, but they are pretty amazing. (I’ve only seen the first four, because I like to play by the […]

Knee-deep in the hoopla!

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Let’s get right down to business. I love handmade crafty things. I love shopping for gifts. I love sticking it to The Man. (Come on. I don’t spend a lot of time sticking it to The Man. However, for the sake of this entry, let’s say that I do.) Because of my love for crafty […]

Forgiving Myself x 10

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I forgive myself for sometimes losing my shit with my kids. I forgive myself for not always keeping a clean house. (I forgive myself for never keeping a clean house.) I forgive myself for spending every day looking like a complete slob. I forgive myself for not going to graduate school. I forgive myself for […]

Where do you get inspiration? Links!

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Teen writers share where they find inspiration. Songwriters share where they find inspiration. I find Anne Lamott to be very inspiring.  I love this “I am a Loser” speech given by the winner of the 1997 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. Finally, Sarah Vowell is a super hero. 

I am trying to break your heart.

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Today I’m going to make you cry. And how will I accomplish this, you ask? Well, I’m going to share a few things that consistently bring tears to my eyes in a feel good sort of way. First up? There’s this. I visit Blackbird’s website every day because she’s so damned cozy. I visit her […]

The Art Spirit

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I rearrange my bookshelf two or three times each year. The books were originally alphabetized by author name. Then I switched to a genre type of classification. Then I got all fruity and took half of the books off of the shelf and replaced them with baskets of decorative crap and framed pictures. Regardless of […]

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