Recently, I spent some time discussing with Jenn from Breed Em And Weep about what it means to make a difference in life. For her, it stemmed from a conversation we had about dealing with depression. It was a your garden variety discourse on the topic, but it could be applied to anyone. It even gives hope to those of us not currently being kind to ourselves or giving ourselves enough credit.

What have I done to make a difference? That’s such a lovely question. I am going to swallow the urge to say, “Oh, nothing,” because we all have our light to shine, man, and no one should go stuffing it under that proverbial bushel. Lately…and it’s been a long hard road lately…the ice-skating was a real shining light of a day…

Luckily, Jenn remembers to step back from the situation and remind us that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or monumental or impossible to achieve.

She continues.

I realize I have forgotten to ask myself some critical questions over the past few years: “Psst. Hey. You. Jenn. Have you changed? What do you love now? What do you miss? What don’t you want to do anymore? Why are you still doing that THING? Is it because you want to, or because you think other people want you to?” I am still figuring out the answers, but I sense that when I do, it will make a difference in the way I choose to live the next year—and the next five years, and maybe more—of my life.

Knowing what you love, I suppose, is always an acceptable examination to fashion. But how does one really do that? I mean really, really DO?

…I think it’s been a series of small, small things.

Small things, people. Small things make the difference. Finding that moment in your day when you realize that it’s not going to take much to make a dent. Are those moments really that hard to find? Are the questions too much to ask yourself when you’re trying to wrangle an altercation in your own existence?

Wrangle them anyway. For yourself as much as for anyone or anything else.