I’ve been feeling a bit out of touch.
I don’t know if any particular skirt length is out of style right now.
I have no idea which cell phone would work best for me.
I know nothing about the latest fiction.
I know that my camera can do many things, but I can’t tell you how to do anything other than point and shoot.
These are all things to which I used to devote quite a bit of time and energy.
I’m starting to feel disconnected and fizzled–in need of a new Something, but unsure of what that Something should be.

Meredith, because she can sense when I need a fresh challenge, stirred it up yesterday by telling me that:
1. She no longer wants to be my kid.
2. She wants me to move out.
3. She’s done with me forever.
4. She hates me.

Like any other thin-skinned mom would do, I took a deep breath, sent her (with Jeff) away for the night, and taught myself how to knit two socks at once.
(EDITED TO ADD: With the help of a book, of course. I’m no wizard.)

So there’s my Something.

Incidentally, when Meredith returned home this morning, she told me that she loves me.
Two hours later, she stuck her tongue out at me, stomped her foot, and once again proclaimed her hatred.
(I suppose my “Try to drink some of the broth from your soup.” request was a bit too much for her.)
She’s really Something.