You may have noticed one of our pages is called ‘They Said.’ What is it? So glad you asked. It’s a collection of sayings, mantras and affirmations from a wide variety of people on the interwebs. I don’t know about you but there comes a time at least once a day where I really need something to help me get through with flying colors and some of these particular sayings are becoming regular in my rotation.

Today’s comes from Heather Champ, photographer extraordinaire and all around awesome person. Her personal mantras:

“It just doesn’t matter.” circa 1997
“Chop wood. Carry water.” current
“Soft pleasing tone of voice.” a sticker on my laptop

“I was watching Unzipped today. The morning after Mizrahi presents his collection via the runway show he
heads out early to pick up the newspapers to read the reviews. Walking back euphoric from the good reviews
he’s asked by the documentary crew whether it was all worth it. He says that it was and then “”….even when
it sucks, it’s worth it.” There’s something in that.”

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