I’m normally late with my posting here.

Recently, I was absent for weeks. I blamed lack of internet access (partly true, but I could have dragged my sorry ass to an internet cafe!).

My girls (and I would give a shout out, but they know who they are) are being patient and caring and waiting for me to get my shit together.

My readers and commenters are slowing down at my own place. And for good reason: they’ve seen the passion drain out of my writing.

And damnit. I’m jealous of all the great things people have going on in their lives. My goal was to write about making a difference and sometimes looking for that difference is hard. Especially when you’re feeling more flawed than authentic because doesn’t ‘authentic’ have a more positive connotation?

So what I’m looking for is your authenticity right now. I want to know where you’re making a difference so I can remember what I’m doing this for.