Am I the only person on earth who still loves flying? I love the whole thing, from the whiff of jet fuel you get as you approach the airport to spending $3 on rock-hard cardboard pastries at Starbucks that I would never purchase in any other situation.

I arrive schlepping my bags with a goofy grin on my face, make¬†happy talk with the gate agent, eye my fellow passengers with glee. It is all good for I am going somewhere. Anywhere. I don’t even care where it is. I just like waking up somewhere else.

(The only down part of the equation is of course Security. Even Buddha would have been a little cranky going through Security. No one likes to walk across that nasty carpet with their shoes off.)

People complain about waiting at airports, but ever since Wifi, airport time is happy time for me. I get to go somewhere AND I get to waste time on the Internet without having the nagging feeling that I should be doing something more productive, like de-molding the shower or preparing my taxes. Airport time is time off.

Then there’s the boarding which is a bit of a hassle, what with the getting smacked in the face by bags and umbrellas, but that is okay because the very best part follows.

Takeoff. I am the antithesis of a nervous flyer. I am an ecstatic flyer and takeoff is my favorite part. The engines cranking up to full rpm and bumping faster and faster down the runway, the grass becoming a blur…that rush of extra gravity as the plane fights to become airborne and then…flying.

It is a miracle to me, being airborne. People wished for this ability for tens of thousands of years as they watched birds wing through their air, and I get to do it. It feels like a very special blessing to me, every single time.
Wing Clouds