We tend to see teaching as a profession, but A Course in Miracles says¬†“Everyone teaches, and teaches all the time.”

 Every moment of every day, we are teaching those we encounter and ourselves what we believe about the world. We are also teaching the world how to treat us.

My friend Ken eats a lot of burritos, almost one a day.

“You really love those burritos,” I commented.

“Well, yes, but there is something else,” he explained. “There is this woman at Johnnie’s, this older grandma-type lady, who has the sweetest, most soulful smile I have ever seen. Whenever I go there, she gives me one of those smiles and I feel so good.”

Who woulda thunk it? A burrito lady that changes people’s day, just by her smile. It just looks like she is making burritos. What she is really doing is teaching her customers that they are valuable, appreciated human beings. She is also teaching the world that she has plenty of love and that she knows love is to be shared.

What do you want to teach?