I have a friend.

She is BEAUTIFUL and smart and witty and brilliant and generous.

She is a talented fine artist and photographer. She is also a gifted writer. She is confident, yet humble.  And very, very brave.

With all these accolades, she may sound like my invisible friend. Some sort of make-believe buddy. She is not made up. She is very real.

She is also very loveable, and loyal, oh yeah, and inspiring. She is remarkably inspiring.

Like many, my friend had a less than perfect childhood. It bent her. But, she didn’t let it break her. She continues to confront her life-long demons head-on, insisting on survival and perseverance and LIFE.

And I am proud and grateful to know her. She has definitely given more to this world than she has taken. And she is creating a legacy that will last.

I wish I could help her when she is in need, but it is difficult. I can only pray for her. I can only encourage her with words the way she has encouraged me so many times.

I hope she knows how much she means to me, how much she has done for me. And I hope she feels better soon.

I love my friend, Leah.