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I Connect. That’s What I Do.

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When I was in college I met a lot of new people and connected with some I neither saw nor heard from for some time. Like when Bobby Soccer called me out of the blue and asked, “Are you the Kelly who went out with me in 4th grade?” and I snorted first because of […]

Pollyanna Was A Stupid Wanker

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A typical day for me begins by plugging in my unnamed laptop, grabbing my portable two-way radio from its charger, and listening to voicemail. It’s nothing for me to have 5 or 6 to listen to and take notes on before I begin making calls. It’s the busyness of the job and I’m stopped several […]

They Did For Me. Who Did For You?

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Two teachers from my high school days made quite a difference for me. One of them was my English teacher. She introduced me to Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and changed the way I felt about literature forever. For a while, I went around calling everyone Goody before their name because I thought that “Goody Proctor” […]

Can I Be Flawed For A Moment?

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I’m normally late with my posting here. Recently, I was absent for weeks. I blamed lack of internet access (partly true, but I could have dragged my sorry ass to an internet cafe!). My girls (and I would give a shout out, but they know who they are) are being patient and caring and waiting […]

Making A Difference. Making Mistakes.

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Most of what I want to create in this space (and this space) is the ability to try to see things in life that seem, at first, like small differences in the lives of others. It’s been a good exercise for me to write something weekly (ahem!) about ways in which people make a difference […]

Displacing Priorities

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Some of my friends are more punctual than others. That, unfortunately, determines how ‘on time’ I am when meeting them. If I have to meet one of them at 7 p.m. then I am either sure to leave in plenty of time or else I will leave right at 7 and arrive late. Wednesday I […]

Saving Mankind

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It’s too hard to wake up happy every day, but most days I can manage it. Last week I mentioned that a former student passed away, but I haven’t elaborated on the details. They’re not that important anyway. I have too many stories in my fairly short career in education of students who have died […]

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