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What are we running after?

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It seems that the majority of people seem to be on one of two tracks. And forgive me if this seems like a gross generalization, perhaps I should say, it seems the majority of people I talk with seem to be on one of two tracks. There, yes, that is much better. First, there are […]

Internet relationships can blossom; I’m a believer.

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I’ve heard countless people now sharing experiences of meeting people in real life (IRL) they met online. Now, I’ve had this opportunity more than once, my first internet meeting being with Kerflop at Blogher ’06. I thought I would be nervous, but I wasn’t at all. After years of phone conversations and thousands of IMs […]

I want to remember.

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We grow them inside us, know their twists and twirls, feel their hiccups, endure their kicks and push against their deep stretches into our ribs as the womb wraps them tighter and tighter. Then labor arrives and our body muscles them out of us, one contraction at a time, until they are placed in our […]

Surrounded by beauty

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One of my spiritual practices used to be to walk while singing a Navajo song: Now I walk in beauty Beauty is before me Beauty is behind me Beauty is above me Beauty is below me Beauty all around me Now I walk in beauty It helped me to slow down and see, really see. […]

Where she is, everything will always be beautiful.

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Kenny and I spent a large portion of yesterday with my Mother. It made for an enjoyable, relaxing day. We got up, showered, dressed and leisurely headed to over to see Izzy on the square at Bluebonnet Antiques. My Mother, along with the others who lease space in this building, “keeps” the store twice a […]

Rainy Days and Mondays don’t get me down.

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You know the song “Rainy Days and Mondays” by The Carpenters? Yea, I like it too. I mean, it isn’t true for me…I like both rainy days and Mondays, but isn’t it a great song? I had a point. Oh yes, I remember…though rainy days and Mondays don’t get me down, torrential downpours followed by […]

I am not the woman he married.

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Yesterday I was IM’ing with a friend on the topic of marital satisfaction – specifically, the much needed balance where both partners have their needs met. This particular blogger happens to be the “giver” in the marriage, whereas the spouse is the primary taker. Needless to say, my friend is tired; in love, but tired […]

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